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This is a closeup of the vision inspection system as pictured below.Dual Axis Vision sytem, for multiple diameter nutsThis is a nut vision system feeding nuts from #00-.500 inches, looking at both the top and bottom, and selecting non conforming parts out.Dual Axis nut vision system, with table and ejecter areas shown

This 24 inch diameter feeder feeds headed parts for sorting into 7 different areas for length sorting.
Length Sorting Feeder for assorted rivets and or bolts
Below are several pictures of a high speed cap feeder, feeding 6 different styles of caps at over 300 parts per minute. Constructed to exceed food grade standards.
Multiple size cap feeder with multiple lanes, jamless with no interchangeable toolingCap feeder, single lane discharge, High SpeedCap feeder, multiple parts, with multiple lanes to single lane, High Speed
This is an 8 inch diameter headed part Feeder, capable of feeding headed parts from 0.0-.375 inches in diameter up to 2 inches in length up to and exceeding 3,000 parts per minute. 10 inch Screw Feeder, High Speed, Multiple parts, Multiple sizesDouble ended stud assembly feeder to washer, multiple sizes and dimensionsThis is a 24 inch Assembly Feeder feeding 2 styles of studs into a washer, which is then fed to a roll threading machine to roll threads onto the stud, captivating the washer onto the stud.

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